+Digital Institute Privacy Policy


The +Digital Institute is committed on safeguarding the confidentiality of its clients and the privacy of all those involved in its activity. The business of the +Digital Institute is conducted under the Brazilian Law.

Who is who in this Privacy Policy?
+Digital Institute: company specialized on online content about digital literacy, technology and the digital market.
Client: hirer of the +Digital Institute. In general business seeking analysis about its human resources digital expertise.
Participant: the employee of the Client that is going to answer the surveys provided online by the +Digital Institute.
Users: Internet users that access the +Digital Institute webpage. They can be Clients, Participants or regular Internet users just browsing.

Client ID and password: To access this site (or specific areas of it) the +Digital Institute may require a registration. This record can be different for each type of User (Client, Participant and common Users). The +Digital Institute may require from its Clients the creation of a username and password, that will be needed to access the Client’s service account. If the Client loses the password, the transactions made on his behalf will be legal and regular if the loss remain unnoticed. If any password is compromised, it is recommended that the Client: (i) change it by accessing his service account and (ii) contact the +Digital Institute.

Registration Data: To complete the registration of an User the +Digital Institute may require data such as name, full address, country, phone number, e-mail, and other personal information. This Privacy Policy protects this data.
This registration data may be used by + Digital Institute to find and/or acknowledge the actions of Clients, Participants and Users during the use of its products and services. The purpose of this collection is the maintenance and improvement of services and products, planning and elaboration of statistics about the website and the +Digital Institute’s services. The +Digital Institute will not use this information to expose in any way its Clients, the Participants or any User without their prior explicit consent.

E-mail addresses Policy: The +Digital Institute may use the e-mail addresses of users (of all kinds) to contact and inform them about their new services and promotions or to send promotional offers. This will always respect their desire to receive them, according to an Opt-out Policy.

Waiver (opt out) policy: Any User, Client of Participant can request its exclusion from lists of promotional emails made by the +Digital Institute. The application must be made by the means provided in the site architecture, or by links provided at the e-mails content.

Contests and awards: The +Digital Institute may sponsor or host contests, awards and similar promotions related to its business and mission. The information collected in such events can be registration data (for notifying winners) and answers to polls or surveys (to improve service and products). The participation in contests or awards and the collection of data from participants rely on their consent.

Webpage use: The +Digital Institute retains IP directions of its page in order to manage and ensure the security of its online service system and its webpage. It also monitors the webpage traffic tracking it visitors, which allows a better planning on the growth of the website (for example, to add new servers). The retention of all these logs of access of online applications is done in strict compliance with Brazilian law. This means that the data will not be available to anyone - its delivery depends on a specific court order.

Cookies: The +Digital Institute use cookies to make its webpage more "user friendly". This is important to allow the use of the online services without having to repeatedly login with username and password.

Data disclosure to third parties: The submission of personal data through a purchase of service (as a Client) or by filling any of the +Digital Institute’ survey (as a Participant) implicate on the provision of this data to external service providers (such as website developers). They help the +Digital Institute on maintaining its services and business. These third parties are subjected to non-disclosure agreements that forbids the unauthorized use or disclosure of any Client, Participant and User’s information or personal data.
The +Digital Institute will not use any data that can directly identify Participants for their digital surveys.
The +Digital Institute will only disclose personal information to government agencies or to officials when there is a request done in good faith and within the legal limits. This is also possible if necessary to protect the +Digital Institute rights or property, as well as the rights and property of its Clients.

Surveys: +Digital Institute will inform all Participants the exact level of confidentiality that their responses to questionnaires or surveys will have. The exceptions to this protection are treated in this document and include compliance with legal duties, cooperation with authorities, the protection of Clients and Users and also the protection of + Digital Institute’s rights.

List of Users: +Digital Institute will not sell to anybody the list of users, their names, or any other form of identification.

Storage and transfer of information: The Clients payments shall be managed by companies specialized in online payments for security reasons. Because of that +Digital Institute will not retain Client’s or User’s bank or credit card information. For this reason, every time the Client or User conduct a transaction he should enter his payment information again.

External Links: This page has links to other pages. The +Digital Institute is not liable for the confidentiality or for any activity conducted by the administrators of such pages or their contents. The +Digital Institute recommend its Users to read these third-party pages’ terms of use and privacy policies.

Public access to information: When placing information in a public area of ​​the website they will be available to other members and website users. +Digital Institute cannot control the Users uses of the information published on the site outside the appropriate registration fields – that are private.

Public disclosure of data: The +Digital Institute may use its website to show results of its surveys in general terms and to create online content - including rankings with names and logos of their Clients. This will always require the Client’s authorization. This disclosure will follow this Privacy Policy, as applicable, including a non-exposure clause of specific personal data of Participants or Clients, which is regulated by +Digital Institute’s Terms of Use.

Security: This page contains security measures to protect against loss, misuse, and alteration of information under +Digital Institute’s control. These security measures include the use of SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer) which is a system that lets your browser automatically encrypt data before sending to +Digital Institute.

Access, update and correction of your information: If any User, Participant or Client has an account, he may access, update and correct his registration information at any time by accessing the link to his account.

Modifications: Any modification of +Digital Institute’s uses of personal information will be incorporated to future versions of this "Privacy Policy" and will be published on the website. The +Digital Institute suggests that Clients, Participants and Users review periodically this document.

Closing and rectification of personal data: Users have the right to access, correct or remove their personal data and they are liable for its data updating and accuracy.
Personal data whose removal has been requested will be kept in +Digital Institute’s archives and can be used in cases of complaints, disputes, legal problems or technical incidents. The +Digital Institute will not immediately remove or delete users' personal data for legal and technical reasons.
The removal of User data linked to a Client does not interfere with the Client's account, which will continue existing without any changes.

Metadata: The records of accesses to the website and its applications (logs and metadata) will be retained within the legal limits and as per +Digital Institute’s convenience. Users may only require exclusion if there is no legal provision on the contrary.

Legal orders: The +Digital Institute acts according legal requirements and cooperate with the law enforcement authorities. This means that personal data may be disclosed at the request of governmental and judicial authorities for law enforcement.
The +Digital Institute may also disclose information if it is necessary to maintain the integrity and security of Clients and Users and to comply with its Terms of Use.

Applicability: While browsing and/or using the Website, any user expressly accepts any use and disclosure of its personal in accordance with its Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy. This document is incorporated into and subject to the Terms of Use.